Our Services


Troubleshooting & Repairs

Provided your computer can still access the Internet then we could potentially resolve your problem within the next few minutes.

Alternatively, you may need or want a home visit… no problem, we can arrange to come to you, often within hours of your call.
We will troubleshoot and repair any of your hardware that is currently not working properly, providing replacements if necessary. We can also reconfigure any software that is not working as it should.

We have a no fix, no fee policy so if we can''t resolve your problem due to our lack of knowledge, there is no fee for you to pay.


Data Backup & Recovery

Hard disks fail. That is a fact. The question is not if they fail, but when. When did you last back up your data? If your computer crashes now, can you confidently say that you have the latest version of your files safely backed up and easy to retrieve?

We can offer you a variety of back-up solutions to fit your needs and budget. We can supply, set up and give you a personal guided tour.

We also do data recovery in-house. In case if we are not successful we can go one level up and involve forensic data recovery specialists, with the highest rate of success in data recovery.


Virus Detection, Removal and Protection

Programs behaving erratically? PC rebooting on its own? Strange windows popping up? It could be a virus or spyware.

No matter what kind of PC you have, you need the latest antivirus software and you need to update it regularly.

We offer virus removal and protection for your PC.


New Equipment Supply & Setup

We are able to provide you with anything from a cable or a piece of software, to an entire home or office setup. We can supply it, set it up and show you how to use it effectively. Alternatively, if you bought something yourself and don''t know where to start, we can set everything for you and give you a personal guided tour.


Telecoms & VoIP Telephony

We can accommodate all your telecom needs, including providing you with residential/business telephone lines, Broadband connections, all independently of BT.

We can supply, set up and configure home or small business telephone systems including VoIP telephony.

Whether at home or within your business, if you have fixed internet access, VoIP technology can save you money (you effectively get calls to anywhere in the world at no extra charge).



Have you noticed your computer getting slower and slower? The internet seems to take forever? Applications take an age to load? Or perhaps you are simply running out of disk space?

We can upgrade the hardware; add additional enhancements and features to your computer to run faster.


Managed Office Moves

Is your business relocating? Do you need everything, not just to be at the new premises, but fully operational on the first day? We are experienced in managed office moves (computers, cabling, telephony, broadband) to reduce the downtime to your business.

Or are you setting up your first office, no matter how small, we can help you set it up and advise you what is the best way to achieve the most effective IT network and Telecom services etc.


Domains, Hosting and Email Services

Would you like to own a domain name which means something to your business? Do you need email address that goes with it? And a website? We can set up everything you need.

Domain Names
Domain Name Registration/Take-over £19.99

Unlimited mailboxes

Web Hosting
BASIC £9.99 p.m or £99.00 p.a
Per domain name